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Regenerative Planting

4th to 16th December

Come and help us create sustainable living systems in the wild landscape of the Serra de Carreau. We are likley to be planting trees to extend the forest garden and supporting other areas of regeneration of the land. There are a few places for people who want to come and help: living and working in community, learning permaculture approaches to a sustainable future, meditate, study, and find refreshment and inspiration living simply in a place of great natural beauty.

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Winter Retreat

23rd Dec 2017 to 6nd Jan 2018 tbc

Join us for our silent Winter retreat at the dark of the year.

This is an invitation to sink into the quietude and stillness of the dark of the year: to slow down, to attend to the ordinary and appreciate what is already here yet so often overlooked. The simplicity of meditation in our mediation hall, walking on the land, silent companionship, and finding a rhythm to the day that supports being vibrantly awake and yet at ease with this life.

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Earth Consciousness: Empowering our Action in Solidarity with Life

14th to 21st April 2018

Nature connection work can help us to bring forth an ecological consciousness – an empowering sense of connection and identity that affirms our solidarity with life. Rediscovering this for ourselves and helping others to deepen this connection is crucial for both personal healing and the social transformation we need today. This work can enable us to recognize that ‘we are nature defending itself’, and to draw on the empowerment that such a realisation provides.

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21st to 29th April 2018

This week long immersion experience focuses on training in nature connection practices. It will also apply ecopsychology and Buddhist meditation to support an enriching and transformative relationship with the natural world and our own deeper nature. We will live in a wildcamp together, amidst the woods and mountains of the remote ecodharma valley, in intimate connection with the land.

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Sustaining Activism: A Training for Trainers

28 April to 9 May 2018

This Training for Trainers aims to support activist-trainers who want to develop and deliver trainings on sustainable activism. The Sustaining Resistance project was established in 2009 and since then, through a series of courses, we’ve covered a lot of ground exploring the theme. Now, through this new training, we hope to share the experience we have gained, provide useful tools and methods, and bring people together to discuss, share and develop ways of promoting sustainable and effective approaches to grassroots activism. It will take place at our new Ulex Project training centre.

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Wild Therapy: An Ecopsychology Training

5th to 13th May 2018

This course will help you to develop a deeper understanding of ecopsychological practices – both experientially and theoretically. You will be supported to deepen a nature-based practice and appreciate its therapeutic value and applications. Aimed at trainee or practising therapists and those who are interested in the relationship between therapy and nature-based approaches, we will explore how ecopsychological approaches can be resourcing and supportive in working one to one, as well as within other movements and groups.

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Mindfulness for Social Change

12th to 19th May 2018

Mindfulness is about being fully present in the here and now, being in touch with what is going on inside us and around us. It enables us to arrive in a place of centred awareness – able to be responsive and connected, to engage courageously and effectively in the world. On this training we seek to harness the empowering skills of mindfulness to values and action for social and ecological justice.

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Meeting The Wild

2nd to 16th June 2018

This is a two week retreat with an emphasis on meditatively inhabiting the wild landscape which surrounds the Ecodharma Centre. It is part of our Nature Based Practice and Learning series. It brings meditation and mindfulness into relationship with wilderness immersion. It culminates with a 3 day solo period in the wild.

Our deepest nature is untameable. Yet, spending so much time living in a world constructed in service of a humanity, this can be hard to remember. So step out of the narrow dusty world for a while and meet the wild. Immersing ourselves in direct contact with wild nature, and deepening that connection through meditation, mindfulness, and reflection, can heal the wounds of alienation that are so present in our times. This helps us to re-connect with deeper aspects of ourselves and the world we inhabit – in a way that is enriching, empowering and transformative.

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Earth Initiation

23rd June to 3rd July 2018

Today it can be difficult to ‘know’ our belonging in our bones. The cultures associated with the industrial growth society often lead us away from intimacy with the more-than-human world, yet it waits for us. This initiatory journey is an invitation to remember what we deeply belong to, what we have always belonged to.

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Permaculture Design Course

7th to 21st July 2018

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 72-hour certified and holistic course encompassing a wide range of topics that demonstrate how to work with our ecological and social environment. The PDC will be composed of lectures, discussions, practical activities, and design exercises. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to enable them to design and implement the principles of permaculture in the creation of truly sustainable systems that can enable us to live well and with respect for each other and the earth.

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Social Permaculture

July 28th to August 4th

This course will explore permaculture as a tool for designing communities and organisations. Social permaculture is about connection – between people, economies, and governing structures – and creating the conditions for humans to flourish on a societal level and to develop beneficial relationships with the ecosystems which sustain us.

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Engaged Buddhist Training - empowering transformation

11th to 25th August

This is a training for people who are awake to the needs and opportunities of our times. Effective and authentic transformation of self and the world necessarily go hand in hand. So, this event brings together a team of talented facilitators to offer tools that integrate the inner dimension of change with practical skills in organising, community building, and designing effective strategies for social transformation. It brings together the best in activist education with Dharma based practice in personal and interpersonal transformation.

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Sustaining Resistance: Empowering Renewal

TBC 2018

Tools for Effective-Sustainable Activism

This workshop offers a range of tools, collective and personal, which can make our activism more effective. These methods can help us stay in it for the long haul, adding continuity to our movement building.. They can be used to ensure the collective and organisational dimensions of our activism exemplifies the values we’re struggling for. And they can help us stay inspired, nourished, & more creative in our tactical approach.

The workshop will use methods of holistic and participatory learning: cognitive, critical, emotional, and visceral. It brings together activists from across Europe, to share practice and strengthen networks.

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Permaculture, Nature Connection & Deep Ecology

20th to 27th October 2018

This course explores both the practical wisdom and the theoretical underpinnings of a shift to a life-sustaining future – set within a framework of nature and dharma based learning. It draws together the practical wisdom of permaculture design, experiential nature-based practice, and the theoretical foundations of deep & radical ecology. It weaves together study, meditation, and hands on learning.

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