regenerative planting work retreat

4th to 16th December

This course offers a combination of contemplative practice and work on the land around Ecodharma planting a combination of native tree species to regenerate the land, or fruit trees to extend our forest garden. This retreat is offered as an opportunity to reconnect with one’s inner life, to engage in meaningful work as a small temporary community as well as to connect with and serve the wider natural world. We envisage working on the land during the mornings, with a period of free time in the afternoon, and then having an evening practice schedule as well as an early morning meditation period. There will also be a silent solo day in the middle of the retreat. The work will include a range of activities related to planting trees including: digging holes, creating micro swales, planting of saplings, watering and mulching. Come join us in tending to the heart and restoring the land.

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