creative tools for social change spring remix

31st March to 7th April 2018

This week long event will explore creative tools that can be used in a variety of social change settings. This version of the course is designed and delivered by members of the Moving Sounds collective. The autumn 2017 version of the course filled so quickly we thought we should remix and re-release it by dope demand! It will take a cross/multi-disciplinary approach, drawing on the arts, social permaculture , nature connection and mindfulness – and applying these to community empowerment , project development and regenerative activism. The course will take place at our new Ulex Project centre.

During the course we will:

  • Explore our own creativity through all sorts of arts based activities
  • Learn practices and develop tools to bring fresh ideas into fruition
  • Use participatory and peer to peer learning while collaborating on projects during the week
  • Share resources and methodologies from the growing movement of artists & artivists working as drivers of change
  • Practice mindfulness to realise our creative potential, stretch our comfort zones and remain emotionally resilient for the long run
  • Share and celebrate our stories of courage and disobedience
  • Design the beginnings of creative projects to take back to our communities / organisations / movements
  • Identifying and moving through our creative limitations

This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning, sharing and exploring creative, collaborative and participatory tools for social justice. The facilitators have planned activities, talks and collaborative tasks but will allow space in the timetable for participant led activities to emerge.

The facilitator’s have experience in campaign organising, community development, grassroots activism and arts interventions, mass mobilisations and public assemblies, transitional arts practice, creativity and empowerment education, performance making and project coordination.
They share the belief that experiencing creative actions, performances, artworks and participatory projects can deeply impact people on a personal level; inspiring space for dialogue, shifts in perception and positive action.

The beauty of creativity is that it allows us to connect with our imagination, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. We may well surprise ourselves by what we find in this great adventure into the unknown. The creative process allows us to experiment without attachment to what will happen. It allows us to challenge pre-conceived concepts, play with alternative models and reinvent outdated narratives. Through harnessing this power we can begin to co-create the kind of world that we dream of, and deeply know is possible.

For booking details see the course page on the Ulex Project website.

The Team

MOVINGSOUNDS is a collective of facilitators, professional artists, musicians, performers and permaculturists who are passionate about the power of creativity and nature to transform lives and create a more sustainable future. As experienced facilitators they offer engaging and dynamic workshops to inspire and educate. Their workshops offer learners the opportunity to explore important issues around active citizenship including sustainability, social justice, leadership, creativity, and nature connection but always through a fun, engaging process that brings out the best in ourselves and each other.

Keith Ellis
Keith has been facilitating workshops and trainings around the themes of community, environment, well-being and diversity since 2001 . His work involves music, media, theatre, nature connection and mindfulness. He is a founding director of Movingsounds, a Community Interest Company that delivers creative workshops addressing social and environmental issues. He is a trainer in Cultural Emergence, creating healthy communities and systemic change based on Social Permaculture and indigenous culture. As a musician he performs with several groups, including Swing Zazou, and is a composer and producer.

Lex Titterington
Lex is a creative facilitator, movement and visual artist, permaculture designer and yoga teacher. Lex’s facilitation work draws on 25 years of professional artistic practice, bringing creativity and innovation. That work is based on an understanding of the interconnection of self, community and the earth. Being deeply passionate about inclusivity and diversity, Lex’s practice promotes regeneration and connection with an aim to support all lives to grow with vitality and vigour. Lex’s website.

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