the freedom to love: a meditation retreat

21st December to 4th January

If together we are to flourish and live meaningful lives, we need to become sensitive to the subtleties of our experience, and to that of those around us. To recognise and transform oppression and opportunities, inner and outer, requires a journey into freedom and love. Beyond our fear, anger and hopelessness we can find a deep natural connection and solidarity with ourselves and with all life.

A midwinter meditation retreat

The retreat leaders will spend some time in the first few days setting the context for practice – a human life, the lives of others around us, this planet, this unique point in history. It is here that we learn to stand strong in our uniqueness and turn towards our responsibilities and opportunities for the flourishing of ourselves, others and the earth.

Gradually the retreat will deepen, with simple and systematic meditation instruction and guidance, into days of silence to engage with the moment by moment workings of our minds and hearts. In the beautiful land of ecodharma we can begin to let go.

There will be no internet, good simple food, beautiful wild forests, the mountains and each other.

The Team

Saraha has been leading and participating in retreats for over 20 years, and places emphasis on the importance of finding pleasure and authenticity in meditation and in life generally. Honouring our bodies as part of natural world and our human desires to be a force for good in the world, Saraha brings a simple and optimistic energy to life, practice and friendship.

Involved in social change work for years, Aurelia Sant-Just is interested in exploring paths and tools that lead to a better understanding of oneself, nourishing relationships and conscious action in the world. She believes that developing inner resilience and awareness of systemic patterns of oppression, including the ones that we have internalised, is important in order to be able to have a positive impact and be of service to life around us. Aurelia is a very curious, enthusiastic and dedicated being who is progressively integrating meditation into her life and engagement.

Suggested contributions in the Dana Economy €450/€700/€950

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