bursary fund

The main ecodharma Bursary Fund was established in 2010. The Nature Connection Bursary for Young People was launched in 2014. The main Fund considers applications for grants towards travel and participation in workshops, retreats, volunteering activities at the centre, and to carry out research and study related to the aims of the centre. The Nature Connection Bursary is open to people aged between 18 and 25 to support Nature Connection learning through the centre’s nature based practice series.

The primary aim of the funds are to enable individuals, who would not otherwise be able to fund a visit, to spend time at the centre by way of one off grants.

Below you will find details of how to donate to the fund, who might be eligible to recieve a bursary, and how to apply.

Could you support the fund and enable people to participate in visits which are often life changing and deeply empowering? Supporting individuals to spend time at the centre, to take part in events, and to carry out relevant research and study contributes another strand to the web of human resource and relationships that bring forth a life affirming world. It is a beautiful way to express one’s generosity. Or, in donating parts of an inheritance, it can be an effective way to honour the memory and values of those who have been closest to us (as was the case in the founding donation of this fund).

If you want to contribute to the fund you can contact us or simply click here:

Grant information

Grants are allocated to individuals who can demonstrate concordance with the values and vision of the centre and who have a commitment to personal learning and development. We also take account of how participant’s time and learning at the centre will feed back into their lives, work and other networks which share the values of the centre.

In 2014 a maximum of €500 (euros) is available per grant application. This figure will be evaluated and re-set annually at the start of each calendar year.


  • Applications will be considered on an individual basis and applicants will be notified of the outcome within 4 weeks of the receipt of their application.
  • The funds will be managed by a guardian group composed of the centre director and two others drawn from the Ecodharma Centre Team or Community, trustees/members of Col•lectiu Eco-Actiu or other close associates of the project. The make-up of the group will be chosen on an annual basis by the members of the Ecodharma Community and trustees of Col•lectiu Eco-Actiu at the start of each calendar year.
  • The guardians will only consider applications from individuals who have not previously received a grant from the centre.
  • Successful applicants will receive the award on production of a valid travel receipt – or in the form of a subsidised/funded place on the intended course or retreat. Payment to support any other agreed cost will be arranged individually with each applicant.
  • Successful applicants agree to provide a short evaluation of their experience at the centre at the end of their stay and give permission for this to be used in promotional or funding materials.
  • The deadline for the Nature Connection Bursary in 2014 is April 30 for courses beginning in May 2014.

How to apply

Applicants should provide a short letter stating the amount of financial support requested, with a breakdown of anticipated costs. The letter should also address the following questions:
a) What do you hope to gain from your stay at the Ecodharma Centre and how will that benefit your personal learning and development?
b) What is the length of your planned stay and what activities do you intend to be involved in during that time?
c) How do you envisage what you gain from your stay feeding back into other aspects of your life?
d) What are the financial circumstances that lead you to make this request for support?
e) In the case of the Nature Connection Bursary, please state your age.

Information about other sources of funding approached/received will assist the fund guardians to allocate funds appropriately. We actively encourage people to seek match funding if possible.

Preference will be given to applicants who have taken into account the environmental values of the centre when choosing their means of transport for their visit.

Applications for the main fund will be considered from anyone of any age.

Please send your completed application to info@ecodharma.com or Ecodharma Centre, Cal Victor, 25651, Abella de la Conca, Lleida, Catalunya Spain

The fund is held in trust by Col•lectiu Eco-Actiu, a registered non-profit association.

The main fund was initiated in the memory of Richard Michael Moore.