donations + volunteering

We know that the values and vision of the project resonate with many people. Ecodharma is a collaborative effort. It is only possible through the generous support of numerous individuals. People give to the project with time, energy, experience and money. All of that generosity really helps us to give what we give.

The project is offered in the spirit of dana, a Sanskrit/Pali word meaning giving or gift. The practice of generosity takes us beyond separate selfhood and constitutes a basic ethos at the heart of life affirming community.

Below you can find out about making donations and/or volunteering at the centre.

Help finance the project

The ecodharma centre is a non-profit project administrated by Col•lectiu Eco-Actiu, which is a registered non-profit organization. We really appreciate financial support and many of the activities we carry out depend on the generosity of supporters. If you can give financially you can be sure the income will be well used to further the aims of the project.

To support us with a donation on a one off basis you can use the donate button here:

To set up a regular donation you can choose an option below and use the subscribe button here, or contact us to suggest a different arrangement:

You might want to choose to support specific aspects of the project. You can. When you make a donation using the donate button above you will be presented with the option to add a note to your contribution. So, you could specify to support one of the following aspects of our work:

  • The library and research work
  • The bursary fund – enabling others to visit and come on courses (for details see the Bursary Fund page)
  • Sustainable growing, tree planting, wild space management, and reforestation
  • Dharma work
  • Social engagement and work with activists
  • And of course you can write to us to discuss ways that you would like your contribution to be used.


We’ve made some fairly big changes to how we work with volunteers this year. In the Spring we started what’s called the ‘Ecodharma Power of Community Program', which offers year-long positions in the community with a four chosen volunteers taking on different areas of responsibility. We now have the people we need for the coming year.

Generally speaking, we won’t be taking on volunteers for shorter periods, though it may be that unforeseen needs arise and we need to find other people to come and volunteer with us.

Garden Volunteer:

We are looking for someone to take on full time work in our food garden, supporting Rupert who is our Garden Coordinator.

Taking on this role means:

• Understanding and implementing the growing plan, with the aim to provide enough food to significantly contribute to covering the needs of the community, solitary retreats and events,
• Supporting monitoring of achievement and production,
• Working collectively (as part of the Garden Team and as part of the wider community),
• Adapting to growing conditions and working within the land’s means (eg, water usage),
• Coordinating with and supporting kitchen/cooking/food purchasing team,
• Caring for the Forest Garden,
• Caring for continuing value of our soil.

Ideally we are looking for someone who could:

• commit to a period from now until December, and with an interest in the possibility of joining our EPoC program, from April 2018-March 2019 (more info on EPoC on request)
• take on ongoing responsibility for supporting food production,
• do so on the basis of experience of organic food growing and working with permaculture principals,
• have the stamina for full time, outdoor, physical work (in plenty of sun!),
• work alone or in a team,
• come with a driving license,
• come with spoken Spanish/Catalan (if not a commitment to learn would be expected).

Added bonus!

This role has often been covered by someone with an overall interest in food and this has been a real asset to the community. So an interest in preservation, foraging, bread-making etc, as well as in animal care (we have goats and chickens) would be very positive! As a first round, we will be open to inquiries about this role until August 2nd. If you are interested, please get in touch with for more information and an application form.

If you´re interested in the 1-year volunteering program or volunteering more generally you can begin the process by contacting us at