joining the team

As the project evolves we are creating opportunities for people to join us as new team members. Right now we are looking specifically for:

Below you will find information about specific roles and at the end of the page some more general information about community life and work here.

Food Manager and Land Development

What we’re looking for
This role will mean an approximate 50/50 splitting of work time between the Food management area and the Land development area.

Food Management –

• Holding responsibility for and coordinating all food on site (including the Events Centre, the solitary retreat facilities and the community),
• Maintaining and developing relationships with local organic food producers and sellers,
• Building local food networks and bioregional economy,
• Monitoring stock, food storage, supply-demand needs,
• Shopping once per week (or every two weeks, where possible) and distributing food between sites,
• Managing food and household finance,
• Researching, proposing and implementing new approaches around food sourcing, local suppliers, new produce etc,
• Maintaining close relationship with the Garden Team re food being produced on site,
• Keeping an overview on food ethics and buying policy in the community.

Land Development –

With a dedicated Land Coordinator and Permaculture Design Plan in process, we are keen to commence with wider land-based development, such as water infrastructure, animal husbandry, bee keeping, tree planting, earth-building, woodland management and so on, as well as looking towards the possibility for the production of larger scale crops. We need more energy focused towards the land in general, taking forward the vision for the 55 hectares we have here, as well as building local/bioregional ‘land economy’, empowerment and sovereignty through relocalisation. Someone coming in to take this role would work in collaboration with the Land Coordinator (and to some extent, the Garden Team) to help take their work forward. The vision for the land will be ambitious, and we need someone who can inject energy and inspiration into the team and the work.

Exactly how and in which capacities the responsibilities would be focused will need to be developed and discussed over the coming time, dependent on and in relationship to the priorities of the land design (which is still in its final stages of development) and the skills and interests of individual applicants. Clear areas for development at this stage are likely to be things like:

• Water security and infrastructure development,
• Sustainable animal care and infrastructure,
• Earth-bag building for accommodation spaces etc,
• Tree planting – extending and developing the forest garden and considering planting for fuel/firewood.

Ideally we are looking for someone who could:

• Commit to a period of volunteering (as a trial period) with a view to joining the community for 2 years or more.
• Take on ongoing responsibility for overseeing food management and developing local relationships.
• Do so on the basis of some organisational experience/skill.
• Be comfortable to work alone or in a team.
• Come with a driving license.
• Come with good spoken Spanish/Catalan (or a clear commitment to learn).

As a first round, we will be open to inquiries about this role until September 1st. If you are interested, please get in touch with for more information and an application form.

Garden Volunteer:

We are looking for someone to take on full time work in our food garden, supporting Rupert who is our Garden Coordinator.

Taking on this role means:

• Understanding and implementing the growing plan, with the aim to provide enough food to significantly contribute to covering the needs of the community, solitary retreats and events,
• Supporting monitoring of achievement and production,
• Working collectively (as part of the Garden Team and as part of the wider community),
• Adapting to growing conditions and working within the land’s means (eg, water usage),
• Coordinating with and supporting kitchen/cooking/food purchasing team,
• Caring for the Forest Garden,
• Caring for continuing value of our soil.

Ideally we are looking for someone who could:

• commit to a period from now until December, and with an interest in the possibility of joining our EPoC program, from April 2018-March 2019 (more info on EPoC on request)
• take on ongoing responsibility for supporting food production,
• do so on the basis of experience of organic food growing and working with permaculture principals,
• have the stamina for full time, outdoor, physical work (in plenty of sun!),
• work alone or in a team,
• come with a driving license,
• come with spoken Spanish/Catalan (if not a commitment to learn would be expected).

Added bonus!

This role has often been covered by someone with an overall interest in food and this has been a real asset to the community. So an interest in preservation, foraging, bread-making etc, as well as in animal care (we have goats and chickens) would be very positive! As a first round, we will be open to inquiries about this role until August 2nd. If you are interested, please get in touch with for more information and an application form.

Skilled Builders and Volunteers

Looking towards 2018, we’re putting together building teams to get to work on a couple of the more isolated ruins in the valley. This will start with the Cal Pauli project – a beautiful high standing house nestled further into the valley than the community. It will become a retreat space for small groups of people on long-term retreat. It’s in pretty good shape – just needs a new roof, interior floors, and doors and windows fitted. We’re possbily looking at starting the project around October and lasting from 3 to 6 months.

We are looking for skilled builders who can head up small teams of unskilled volunteers. It’s mainly structural woodwork, some simple stone work,
interior finishing and quite a bit of pointing! There is some finance available to support skilled builders to offer us their time.

It’s not your average building job though. Getting involved here at Ecodharma, you’d be living in community, taking part in morning meditation, daily check-ins, a silent practice day once a week, optional study evenings. That makes for a richness and depth to things, a great opportunity to learn about practicing in community and contribute to the development of a really fantastic and exciting project with people holding shared values. But its important to consider whether or not this is the kind of environment you want to spend time in.

The values and vision of the community and team you would join:

1. The Dharma: While not everyone living at Ecodharma would necessarily call themselves 'Buddhist', the Dharma (the teachings/principals of Buddhism) underpins our lives, work and relationships here. The ethos of the place and the ethics we share very much depend on it, as does a collective commitment to personal meditation practice/inner-work. We spend one day a week in silence, meditating and practicing together. Those of us in the the core community also commit to spend the month of February on retreat, meditating and almost entirely in silence. Life here offers a brilliant opportunity to combine and integrate transformative work with inner practice, and deepen and develop both. We’re looking for people for whom this is also important.

2. Social and Ecological Justice: Ecodharma as a project has a strong socio-political commitment. We are working to support change and transformation personally and in the world, honouring the inseparability of the two. This manifests in different ways – through lots of the educational work we do, the courses we run, and in many of the ways we organize, work, make decisions and live on the land and in community. We see the garden and food production as an expression of our social and ecological values.

3. Working as a collective and living in community: As a group of people who work together on a common project and live as an intentional community, some of the commitments we share are:

  • Holding a bottom line of 32 hours work per week, which commonly looks like 4 days of 8 hours (although the structuring of this can vary with the seasons, especially for the gardener).
  • Spending one day a week (currently Monday) practicing meditation and in silence together.

The Team.

At the moment there are 8 of us living here full time: Guhyapati, Drew, Carol, Alex, Martin, Lindsay, Saraha and Rupert. We are aiming, at this stage, for a functioning, full-time team of 12 people. We also have four year-long volunteers with us as part of the EPoC volunteer program that we run. This year these are: Frankie, Sara, Omar and Anna. On average there are about 15 people in the community at any one time, this includes the project team/core community, plus long-term volunteers and guests.

We are looking forwards to hearing from you!